Eneida Gastal-Keith from Brazil

Hi there, Don.

I want to thank you for your Hive Magic cream and let you know that I am amazed at its healing properties.
A couple of months ago, I accidentally spilled soup on my chest. It had just come out of the microwave extremely hot and caused a terribly painful burn. I ran for the bathroom, tried to pour some cold water on my chest, but I couldn’t even touch it because of the pain. I saw the small bottle of Hive Magic sitting there, and I immediately used it. I spread a thicker layer than necessary since it was impossible to spread it well due to the pain.
I had to unbutton my shirt because I couldn’t stand the feeling of the fabric on my chest. I looked under bright light and I could see all the redness on my chest and many places that appeared to be the beginning of numerous large blisters.
A few hours later, as I went to bed, my chest felt already better. Still sore, but I could at least touch it.
Next day, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was NOTHING there! No sign AT ALL that I had been burnt so badly the night before! I wish I had a before and after picture for you to see with your own eyes.
Hive Magic is truly magic!
If you publish this comment on your website, I would like to let those who read it know that NO, this is NOT a commercial like they see on TV and that you are NOT paying me to write this. Actually, you are only now getting to know about what happened to me.
If you get burnt, use your Hive Magic. I guess you can't advertise it as a medical product, but believe me, its healing properties are outstanding!

Eneida Gastal-Keith

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Donald Studinski