Deb Neeley

What I like most about it is you can use it anywhere on your body with no concerns. Some oil‘s have a bit of a smell to them but this one has very little scent at all. It does not take long for this product to penetrate into the skin which I like.  I have super dry skin and this is perfect for getting out of the shower and applying to my skin while it still moist. I like it for when I get out of the shower, again, just slather it all over and it really seals in moisture. Just slathering it all over my face and then wiping it off with a paper towel or washcloth to actually clean my face. For me it would be double duty -cleaning and moisturizing!!

June 24, 2018 on the Hive Magic, LLC Facebook Page:

As a beekeeper myself, the first thing I noticed when I opened a container of Hive Magic was the wonderful scent. It didn't have that artificial fragrance smell, it was a clean fresh scent with the very familiar pollen, propolis and a touch of honey scent, which told me right away that this indeed contains those magical ingredients I know to be so nourishing for your skin. The only skin "issue" I have is extreme dryness in a very arid climate. My favorite ways to use this product are to slather it on as I step out of the shower to seal in the moisture, on my face when it needs a deep moisturizing treatment or any time my skin looks dry, it gives a nice moisturized, glowing appearance. Also, being a farmer/gardener, my hands get trashed, so I slather it on my hands before retiring at night and in the morning, my hands look and feel exponentially better. I LOVE this salve/cream and take comfort in knowing I can completely trust the ingredients. I am ordering another jar of it as soon as I finish this review! Hooray!

Donald Studinski