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Moisture Magic

Frequent washing, harsh soaps, exposure to the elements, a lack of humidity, aging, and even some medical conditions can make your skin feel dry and itchy — and you, miserable. Hive Magic’s exclusive all-natural formula soothes dry skin and eases itching … like magic.


Hive Magic moisturizing cream combines USDA-certified organic plant-based oils with the healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of beeswax, honey, bee propolis and bee pollen to deliver dry-skin relief. With these wholesome ingredients, you can feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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"I LOVE this salve/cream and take comfort in knowing I can completely trust the ingredients.”

— Debra Neeley Running

Invented by a Colorado beekeeper…

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…to relieve dry skin naturally.

A busy author, permaculture enthusiast and beekeeper, Don Studinski needed a moisturizer for his dry, chapped hands, but just couldn’t find the right product for the job. So, he began experimenting — blending high-quality plant-based oils with pure honey bee products from his hives to create a moisturizer that soothes, protects, and penetrates dry skin for lasting relief. The result was so popular with friends and family, Don decided to make Hive Magic available for sale.

Manufactured in Loveland, Colorado